1. Marcel, Homeowner, Qc, Canada 4 months ago

    Great thanks to Dan who helped us. He responded rapidly to our emails and made sure we were satisfied. We are finally enjoying our Heatstrip. Thanks to Dan. That was a pleasure to deal with you.

  2. Richard, Homeowner, CT 4 months ago

    So pleased with our Heatstrips. We really wanted something that was attractive and well designed – not something that looks like it was made for a warehouse. Heatstrip has form and function. Thanks, Richard

  3. Pat, Homeowner, PA 5 months ago

    We’ve been using our Heatstrips on our covered deck in Pittsburgh for the past few months. It’s so nice to comfortable in a T-shirt even with temps in the low 50’s. Dan’s customer service has been amazing. Great product and even better service!!

  4. Ian, Homeowner, OR 6 months ago

    We’ve been enjoying or heat-strips for a couple of months now and they are fantastic. We live in the mountains of oregon and it has greatly extended the time we can spend in our outdoor dining area. It felt so good last night that I stayed outside after dinner to watch the sunset and have another beer. It felt like I was sitting in the sun

    Installation was as easy as it was supposed to be and Dan was fantastic to work with. Our electrician somehow broke a very solid support clamp, (he really torqued on it), and was going to pay for it abut Dan replaced it free.

    They look and work great. Thanks Dan

  5. Pedro, Electrician, CA 6 months ago

    Dan was extremely helpful and did all he could to assist our customer in a timely manner. thank you again

  6. Zack Freedman 7 months ago

    You never really know how good customer service is until you have a problem. Dan Jenkins went out of his way to make sure my client was satisfied with their heater and we are all grateful for his professionalism.

  7. Joe Careri, Builder, NJ 8 months ago

    I would like to say what a pleasure it has been dealing with you on multiple project so effortlessly.
    My clients are extremely happy with the product.
    Thanh you, see you on the next project.

  8. Marty 9 months ago

    Dan Jenkins (Sales Manager) was extremely helpful, answering my endless questions in about 20 emails very promptly (like within minutes), which is literally why I went with Heatstrip over a couple of other manufacturers that didn’t even bother to answer my initial questions at ALL. No complaints about sales support for sure. So far so good, I’ll follow up after installation.

  9. Melda Duckworth 9 months ago

    We Etowah Landscape Group, LLC. recommend Headstrip USA to all our customers. The importance of a great customer service and tech support are extremely high for our service to our customers. We would like to thank your company for exceeding our expectations and your great product.

    Melda Duckworth
    Project Manager/Senior Landscape Designer

  10. Walter, Electrician, California 10 months ago

    These guys don’t need a 5 star rating, because they get 5 stars from me everyday. The tech support was helpful and accurate.

    I’m an electrician and it was tricky to start with, a new product to us, it took us a little time to understand how they work and the differences from the usual glow-red heaters we install. However, this is my third Heatstrip order and for my clients it is the cherry on the cake when they have outlayed a lot for the outdoor area, that the heaters let them use it for longer. We are in Ca and I’m going to recommend these heaters to more of my clients.

  11. David Lazenby, Homeowner 10 months ago

    I installed the Large Heatstrip in my workshop as it gets cold in the North East states in my garage. I had it shining at my back from 8′ and I had to move it back another 1′ to the next rafter. It works really well and very happy with it. It only takes 10 minutes to warm up and it heats the bench and tools, so they are not cold to touch. I’ll install them on my patio next fall.

  12. Trevor 11 months ago

    I live in Houston, TX and we recently renovated our house to create a large covered outdoor area (24’x25′) and we wanted to use our outdoor “living room” almost all year round. My wife and I have never been a fan of propane patio heaters since they are unsightly, cumbersome and have limited heating coverage. We also looked at electric heaters but they were unsightly as well and were not a good look with our new outdoor area. Online, I came across HeatStrips and was very impressed with the design, flush mount capability and ease of use. Even more importantly, my wife thought they were attractive and felt they didn’t adversely impact the “look” we wanted to have, though she thought we would never use them and that it was a waste of money (like many of my good ideas). I was almost stopped in my tracks when I came across a less than positive review online which gave me some concern, but I spoke with Dan Jenkins who fully explained how the units work, their coverage area and proper installation instructions. The installation instructions indicate that the maximum height of the ceiling should be no more than 9′ but my wife didn’t want a bracket mount or chain mounted heater so we elected to buy some extra HeatStrips to compensate since our ceiling height was 10′ 8″. While I doesn’t get miserably cold in Houston very often, it did drop down to the low high 40s and 50s and my wife who gets cold in our house at 70 degrees, couldn’t have been happier sitting outside for hours under the HeatStrips. It heated the entire area until to a comfortable 75-85 degrees and she was forced to admit that the HeatStrips were my best purchase of the renovation. We now effectively increased our house square footage by about 15% and our outdoor area is our favorite “room” in the house. Thanks for a great product!

  13. Andy Schneider 12 months ago

    I had many many questions before buying an expensive product online. The customer service was quick to answer my email questions and/or direct me to other sources of information. My 2 heaters and 2 dimmers are up and running just fine. I haven’t had a really chilly night to test them yet, but they sure look nice. Oh, and one of the dimmer face plates didn’t clip on very well, so they just shipped me a replacement without any aggravation.

  14. O.Stallworth, Jr., MD, Los Angeles 1 year ago

    We live in Los Angeles with our backyard facing the Pacific Ocean and about 4 miles but an unobstructed view of the ocean ante sailboats and the cool winds that almost always come at night even if daytime temperatures is in the 90s.

    For many years we had the propane patio heaters. What a pain, changing the tanks, refilling the tanks, lighting the heaters after multiple attempts. Rusting heaters, moving the heaters.

    So we got rid of them. And we decided on electric heaters. But the orange glow interfered with our ocean view and the ambience – casting this orange glow on everything and everyone.

    Somehow, online, I stumbled across the HeatStrip 3200. An outdoor heater with no- glow. It’s black and stainless with a very attractive and modern look. After reading reviews, I decided to order a 3200.

    Now my home, I have turned it into a “smart home”, where everything is operated via an App – landscape lights, interior lights, pool lights, shades, blinds, Heater/Air Conditioner, electric car, you name it.

    The challenge of doing this with the HeatStrip heater is the unfamiliarity of electricians, etc, with the new technology.

    So, without going into a lot of detail, installation issues occurred. And this is when HeatStrip’s amazing customer service entered the picture.

    Luke and Dan responded within minutes of my email explaining my issue. They explained what needed to be done and walked me thru the problems.

    It turned out, it was beyond the scope of the young electrician I used. My wife, a real estate broker, found a more experienced electrician.
    With Dan and Luke’s input we resolved the minor issue and the heater has worked via my App perfectly every since.

    The electrician commented that the online installation instructions were very detailed and helpful and the best he had seen with recommendations for height, etc., and how to adjust for optimal results.

    Dan and Luke offered to talk him thru it but he figured it out. Have to mention one more thing.: One of the accessory products that I purchased thru a third party, Dan said I didn’t need and to return for a refund.

    I returned it but the third party, I purchased it from, after 7 months had not sent a refund. After notifying HeatStrip (Dan) they promptly “wired the money” to my account!!!!

    I can’t say enough about the great customer serve!

    Now, the HeatStrip is more expensive than the orange glow – electric heaters, but worth the difference. Aesthetically it compliments rather than distract from the ambience.

  15. Diane, Architect, San Diego, CA 1 year ago

    Thank you so much for all your help Dan. My customer received her order in time for installation.

  16. Thomas, Homeowner, Hilton Head 1 year ago

    These heaters are great! Beautiful amount of heat and it has made our outside life much more usable. I can’t believe we didn’t know about you guys sooner.

  17. Chris, Home Owner, British Columbia 1 year ago

    Thanks Dan, installed and looking good!

    Thanks again

    We are also building a new house and would like to include heaters. Can you specify for the outdoor lanai?

  18. Andrea, Home Owner, Simi Valley 2 years ago

    Its a great product! This is my second set of 4 heaters as I liked them so much on the old house, I’ve specified them for my new deck.

  19. Bill W, Home Owner, Van Nuys 2 years ago

    I found you guys online and loved that it didn’t have the bright red glow, works well with our deck and spa area.

  20. Thu N. Los Angeles, CA 2 years ago

    Thank you so.much for your help and prompt replies. Truly a nice service experience

  21. Rob L, Lake Tahoe 2 years ago

    They are better looking than anything out there, the architects love them and they work really well.

  22. Great product shipped in a timely manner. Excellent Australian made patio heater from Victoria, Australia

  23. Arbi D. Homeowner, California 2 years ago

    I love your product. It doesn’t look like I have a grill on my ceiling. I saw it in a restaurant and its fantastic!

  24. Author
    Dana G, Homeowner, Old Saybrook CT 2 years ago

    Thanks Dan, they arrived so quickly, they look so good.

  25. Author
    Jerry I, Homeowner, Vancouver, BC 3 years ago

    Dan, just a quick email, the heaters arrived before the weekend, the electrician installed them and they are fantastic. It was in time for my wife’s birthday with all her friends. It was a special day, we all had so much fun. Thanks again for the great service.

  26. Author
    John P. Homeowner, Silverthorne CO 3 years ago

    My heaters are installed and they are phenomenal! In fact, my electrician Eric G. is specing them for his customers requesting outdoor heaters.

  27. Author
    Jason K. Builder, Newark CA 4 years ago

    Thank you I’m sure we’ll be ordering more in the near future!

  28. Author
    Paul D, Architect, Beverly Hills, CA 4 years ago

    Hi Dan, The clients from the last house with did with your heaters loved them, all their friends came over and everyone asked about them. We have a new project and we want to order more heaters for the wow factor. Can you add the size and number of heaters to the attached drawings?

  29. Mary, Homeowner, Redondo Beach, CA 5 years ago

    We received our heatstrip earlier than expected. It is a very nice looking product that generates a good amount of heat. There is no annoying noise or irritating hot air blowing at you. We are very happy with our purchase and would recommend it to any one looking to heat their outdoor entertainment area.

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