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October 2017

October means Playoffs! We have a soft spot for The Cubs and Kris Bryant, we enjoyed the magic last year and the question remains, can they win it all again? In their way are the Washington Nationals, to start off with. And not to mention, the Dodgers are a very good team.
On top of all the playoffs, the NBA is starting on the 17th of October. Can’t wait to see Ben Simmons for the Philadelphia 76ers.
We have plenty of sport to watch and enjoy.

September 2017

Labor day, we’ll be taking the last long weekend of the summer and enjoying the sunshine with our families. As it gets cooler, we’ll be turning our Heatstrip heaters on, to keep warm.
And later in the month there is the favorite of a couple of the guys in shipping, Oktoberfest. Grab a friend and a stein and prepare for some German inspired fun. The pretzels are amazing.

August 2017

Recently we found a coffee shop that has had installed Heatstrip heaters to warm their outdoor area. Positioned above the tables, the heaters make the outdoor tables usable for longer. With the outside tables, it almost doubles the shop’s capacity for seating and has had a remarkable increase in revenue. They’ve had the heaters for a few years and enjoy the simplicity of flicking a switch to turn them on and off. The staff like the heaters because they don’t have to carry around gas bottles.

June 2017

Respecting those that keep us free is a big part of our inspiration here at Heatstrip USA. We are proud to support Red White and Bear, a place for members of the armed forces to spend some time with their families when they come back from duty. The grand opening of the house is coming soon. The view from the spa is amazing over the Georgia woods with Heatstrip keeping everyone warm.

HeatStrip in Cafe Coffee Shop
May 2017

If you are ever in one our favorite cities, San Diego, check out The Rabbit Hole, they have great cocktails, burgers and TVs with loads of sports. They also have Heatstrip heaters on their patio to keep you warm when the sun goes down.


April 2017

The opening of Red, White & Bear is due in the early Fall as building on the cabin finishes up. We are very proud to support our veterans and their families. If you’d like to support a veteran, nominate a family or donate goods or services, please contact them.


March 2017

See one of the latest installations of Heatstrip heaters at the Riu Hotel in New York. Welcoming clientele to the beautiful hotel, on the streetscape, Heatstrip gives a warm layer of radiant heat as they walk into and out of the lobby.


February 2017

The snow in Colorado is where you are going to find Heatstrip USA for a brief holiday this month. Everything will still run as per usual with daily shipments from our Distribution Center in Chicago. So for the lovers of the snow, we’ll be skiing and boarding before the snow all melts. Hope to see you out there!


January 2017

What a start to the new year, excitement aplenty with the Inauguration of President Trump and saying best wishes for the Obama family. We are hoping for a smooth and prosperous transition.
We also have the NFL playoffs underway. We love watching football and will be watching every game live. So whoever you follow, we’re hoping for some great games ahead.


December 2016

Thank you to our wonderful customers, our suppliers and all our staff for a wonderful 2016. We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.. Whether you are having a white Christmas or a travelling somewhere warmer, we hope you have a safe trip and are spending it with the ones you love.


November 2016

Every November we come to a special day on the calendar, when we remember and appreciate all the good things in life. Here at Heatstrip USA no matter where we are, we like to spend it with those close to us.
We’ll be firing up the BBQ and our tradition is to roast the turkey. With coleslaw, bread rolls and a good chardonnay.

From all of us and our families to yours, we wish you a happy and safe Thanksgivings.


August 2016
Welcome aboard Patio Heating Plus, we’re delighted to have Heatstrip USA products listed with them. Based in Irvine California, they are a great source of information to help specify your outdoor heating needs.

And August the 10th is National S’mores day, here at Heatstrip USA we’ll be getting outside with the family and enjoying the camp fire with this delicious sticky treat.


July 2016

Summer is a great time to enjoying life and what can be better than July! The weather is hot, hot, hot and to add to the excitement there’s the 4th of July holiday and National Hot Dog day this month.


May 2016

Here at Heatstrip USA we are proud to announce our support for Operation Appreciation. OpA supports reintegration of soldiers returning home and is building a retreat in the North Georgia mountains. The retreat is called Red, White and Bear and provides a place where they can get away into nature and the mountains for a week with their family. It is due to be completed by the Fall of 2016.

To support them please see their website.


April 2016
As it is getting warmer, dust off the BBQ, hose down the patio furniture and prepare for those fun times grilling with friends. Here at Heatstrip USA, our VP of customer relations, Sav has his favorite recipe for the spice rub for ribs.

Stockist Staples 1

1 oz garlic powder
1 oz cayenne pepper powder (for the heat)
3 oz brown sugar (for the caramelizing color)
1 oz chilli powder (more if you like it hot)
1/2 oz black pepper
1/2 oz salt

A favorite with his friends (most are only his friend because of this recipe), rub the meat, coat in oil, grill and enjoy. Stay outside a little longer with Heatstrip patio heaters.


March 2016
While it is still cold out, many people have been making plans to get back outside and entertaining with their barbeques and smokers. Here at Heatstrip USA we are very proud to add some new retailers. This makes it easier for you to find Heatstrip heaters. Check them out below:

Click here to view our latest news letter ==>


February 2016
Winter is still rolling on in many parts of the country. This is the perfect time to watch the snow covered ground and plan your outdoor area for the spring. See our twitter page for the latest in projects.
Plan your outdoor area by giving us a call and we’ll help you to live longer outdoors.


January 2016
Welcome to 2016
Here at Heatstrip USA we have an exciting year ahead. We’ll bring the latest in innovative products, processes and the projects they’re used in.

In sports, the finals in football with Superbowl 50 coming up. Who will be the champs?


December 2015

Christmas time has rolled around again. As we look to the New Year, and reflect on the past year, we would like to thank all our customers. We have especially enjoyed hearing how Heatstrip commercial patio heaters have improved the way they use their outdoor entertaining area with their family and friends. Some of the photos are fantastic, see the images throughout our website.
From everyone here at Heatstrip USA, we wish you and your family, a safe and happy holiday.


November 2015

As the weather is getting cooler, its a great time to get in store to find out how Heatstrip can keep you warm while you enjoy the great outdoors. The latest store to find a full display of all Heatstrip products including wall switches and controllers is Outdora. Located in Sonoma, California, surrounded by beautiful wine country, Outdora has a great range of barbeques and patio furniture. Check them out at:


October 2015

What a month October is shaping up to be. We are very excited as we have just launched our first Dimmer Switch for Heatstrip. Suitable for all heater sizes. The power is variable between 50 to 100%. With one switch per heater, they are easy to use and fit in well with your existing decor.

See our products page with Part No: HUSA07


September 2015

This month we have welcomed Yardware to our list of authorized retailers. Servicing the premium sector with eco-friendly and sustainably sourced products, they have a great range of yard and garden products. Check out their website for more details.


July 2015

Outdoor living is the fantastic part of the summer, enjoy the sunshine. The outdoors is always great with a good quality grill, a comfy lounge and some good friends. Here at Heatstrip USA, we are enjoying margharitas made with lime, agave syrup and tequila. And on the grill, charcoal fired strip streak. 1/2 inch beef, seared and roasted with a cos lettuce salad.

Enjoy the outdoors.

The team at Heatstrip USA.


June 2015

Now is a great time to plan for the cooler months, send us photos and dimensions of your outdoor entertaining area, and we’ll help you specify the number of heaters to keep the chill from you and your guests.

This month we have welcomed Prime Electric as the newest member of the Heatstrip team. Based in Denver Colorado, Prime Electric can supply and install all your outdoor entertaining needs. Being qualified electricians, they can also install your sound, lighting and fans.

Prime Electric
(303) 549-5609


May 2015

This month we are proud to announce partnerships with Digitalear in California and Factor Z in Mexico and Panama.

Digitalear have four locations in Los Angeles, Orange County, La Jolla and Palm Desert. In addition to Heatstrip, they can help you design and fit out your entertaining room with premium high quality entertainment equipment.

Factor Z are specialist project engineers and can design and supply all your outdoor heating needs. See them at their website.


April 2015

The start of the Spring season has come around and its time to get out and about in the great outdoors. The days are getting warmer, the snow has melted and the grass is growing again. Here at Heatstrip we have been busy and have just released the third edition of our website. We hope you enjoy the added features of stockists and increased usability.

In addition we are pleased to announce the addition of two new stockists of Heatstrip. South Mission in San Diego and Solana Outdoor Living in Tucson Arizona.

South Mission has a new show room in Miramar and will supply you with all your outdoor living needs. Their high quality products and attention to service are impressive.

Solana Outdoor Living are a multi award winning landscaping contractor who can turn your outdoor area into the WOW factor of your home. You will find Heatstrip in their outdoor exhibition.


March 2015

For all our West Coast based customers, you can now see a working display at Gorilla Islands. They have a great range of kitchens, outdoor appliances, furniture and now they have Heatstrip! Based in Corona California, with years of experience, see them for all your outdoor entertaining needs.


February 2015

Come and meet us at the Hearth Patio and Barbeque Expo in Nashville, TN. Drop us a line or send us an email and we would love to meet you and talk about your outdoor heating needs. Its always great to hear from our clients and listen to how they use their heaters and how it has improved their outdoor living lifestyle.


January 2015

In early January, Heatstrip USA was awarded the “Best of Houzz 2015″ award.

On behalf of the team, it is an honor to win this prestigious award.

Being associated with so many glamorous homes has reinforced the fact that high quality products can make for a better lifestyle. We are happy to be able to assist our clients to use their outdoors entertaining areas for longer. From everyone at Heatstrip USA thank you for your support and remember to follow us on Houzz for all the latest projects.


October 2014

Heatstrip USA has released a new range of controllers to compliment the fantastic, award winning range of slimline, no glow Heatstrip outdoor heaters.

Included in the range are a hand held remote control, wall switch and 15 amp Relay. Utilising the latest in patented wireless, batteryless technology. The controllers use kinetic energy to transmit a low voltage signal to the relay.

All products are high quality and Made in the USA.

See the products page for more detail.


September 2014

Heatstrip USA is coming to the AIA. You’ll see Heatstrip being advertised in the American Institute of Architects newsletter next month. As quoted by Paul Trounce, Heatstrip USA’s CFO, “given that so many of our projects are new builds in premium residential and commercial buildings, it was an easy and logical partnership with the AIA.”

To help with specifying Heatstrip into your new design project, give our friendly staff a call 1-877-222-0063. They are only too happy to help.


July 2014


In late June, Heatstrip was awarded Manufacturer of the Year. Congratulations to all the team who made this possible. With their commitment to quality and advanced designed, they are a deserved winner. This follows up from their 2013 Product of the Year award. They are a truly talented team.

Here at Heatstrip USA, we are very proud to distribute their high quality products.

As summer progresses and those long hot days are fading, our customers are turning to the award winning Heatstrip outdoor heaters to help keep their outdoor entertaining area warm. It could be beside the pool, alfresco dining or your outdoor bar, Heatstrip is keeping you and your friends warm.

With Heatstrip’s low profile, no glow efficient heat, the summer days are extending into the cool nights. As one of customer’s recently told us “Heatstrip keeps the party going.”

Call or email us to see how we can help keep your party going.


May 2014
The winter thaw is happening, those long forgotten driveway, pavements and kerbs are in sight. The lawn is growing and the trees are turning green, its a great time of the year to be outside. Dust off the barbeque and enjoy your outdoor entertaining area again.


April 2014
After a long winter, its time to get up and get outside again. Enjoy your outdoor entertaining area with Heatstrip outdoor patio heaters. They’ll take the chill out of the air.


February 2014

After many months of development, we are very proud of the launch of our new website. It is more colorful, relevant and packed with information. Send us feedback on how we can improve it at


January 2014

From all of us at Heatstrip USA, please stay safe during the current cold storms.

We are back from our Christmas Holidays and all operations have once again commenced. We hope you had a good New Years Celebration. With all this snow around we thought it might be helpful to remind everyone that Heatstrip heaters are a great way to melt snow. Heatstrip heaters have been used to melt snow and ice and keep paths, entrance ways and doorsteps clear of ice and snow. Radiating heat at 660oF (350oC) Heatstrip heaters can be effectively used to keep your doorway clear of ice and snow. Used under the eaves or porch it is very hard for snow to build up in the path of the intense heat of the Heatstrip. Heatstrip has also been used in bus terminals and bus shelters to melt snow and keep the footpaths clear of snow. How to melt snow:

    1. Ensure the Heatstrip is positioned above the snow.
    2. Turn on the Heater.
    3. Wait & watch the snow melt.

Heatstrip heaters can be effectively used to permanently melt snow and keep paths clear of snow.


December 2013

Heatstrip USA will be shut down for 1 week over the new year period. We will still be answering emails and phone calls. Have a safe and happy new year celebration.


November 2013

We would like to announce the release of the Heatstrip 208 volt version for commercial venues. The 208 volt versions differ from the 240 volts in voltage only. All other dimensions are the same. The 208 volt version was released specifically for commercial applications where this is the only available power. Heatstrip has been installed successfully in hotels, clubs, bars, slots rooms and outdoor entertaining areas. Email us for more information.

October 2013

Heatstrip USA is proud to launch our new website. We hope you enjoy the easy navigation and read our Heatstrip USA news. Send us an email to let us know how we go


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