Heatstrip USA FAQ

Can I mount my Heatstrip outdoors?

Yes, Heatstrip is designed with an IP55 rating, this means it can be mounted outside and it doesn’t need to be covered. It is safe to be rained and even snowed on.
I’m not sure how many heaters I need, can you help?

Yes we can, send us an email info@heatstripusa.com with a short description, plans or what ever you have and we’ll be able to help you.
What does Heatstrip feel like?

Heatstrip is a gentle heat, it feels like a warm summer’s day. Heatstrip is a medium wavelength electric heater, it radiates a gentle, even heat.
Why Heatstrip?

Elegant and stylish, Heatstrip is a slimline, non-glow patio heater. Heatstrip is an award winning premium product that will keep you living outdoors longer.
What is Heatstrip made from?

Heatstrip is made from durable, corrosion resistant alloy and marine grade stainless steel. It can withstand rain, sunshine and dust. It is designed to survive in the harsh outdoor environment.
How do I care for my Heatstrip heater?

We recommend you hose your heater down at least every 3 months especially if you are close to the beach or a salt water environment. This will keep you Heatstrip looking great for many seasons to come. The materials used have been tested to withstand UV from the sun and cold temperatures. Heatstrip is suitable for coastal and poolside areas.
How do I control my Heatstrip heater?

We have a range of convenient wall controllers with an optional remote control. There is even an auto off timer function in the relay. Check out our products page!
Are they expensive to run?

No, Electric heaters are generally cheaper than propane gas. Depending upon your electricity utilities and the size of the heater you have. The most common size is a 2400 watt heater, this will cost an average 25 cents per hour to run. This will be cheaper on industrial and commercial rates depending on where you are.
How do they work?

Like the sun, Heatstrip uses radiant energy to heat objects. This includes people and furniture. The black face of the heater is 660oF and this emits heat to warm everything in its footprint.
Are they easy to install?

YES, Heatstrip comes with standard mounting brackets that can be mounted straight or on an angle. Your electrical contractor can mount them to your roof or wall easily.
Can I put them outside?

YES, Heatstrip is rated IP55 which means it is water and dust proof. They can be mounted outdoors and do not need a roof. Unlike other heaters, you do not need weather shields to protect the heater. Heatstrip can even be safely hosed down while it on, all electrical components are shielded from the environment.
Where can I buy Heatstrip?

You can buy online direct from us. We accept all major credit cards and paypal. We have 128 bit encryption so your financial safety is guaranteed.
Does my heater need to be assembled?

NO, Heatstrip is fully assembled, all you’ll have to do is slide on the brackets. The rails mean the brackets are flexible to be mounted along the length of the heater. We recommend 6″ from each end.
Is electrical heating good for the environment?

YES. Electrical heaters like Heatstrip are the best solution for the environment when a renewable energy source is used. This energy source can be hydro, solar or wind power. These energy sources do not need to burn fossil fuels (hydrocarbons) to make energy. Unlike gas heaters that burn fossil fuels to make heat, they release harmful by products into the atmosphere.
Can Heatstrip be mounted indoors?

YES. Heatstrip can be mounted inside. They have been used in halls, churches, stadiums and entrance halls.
What is the distance between the holes in the standard mounting brackets?

4” and you’ll need ¼” hardware (screws, bolts etc.) to attach it to the ceiling or wall.
What is the distance between the ceiling and the bottom of the Heatstrip?

6”. Heatstrip is very low profile and unlike a lot of patio heaters allows the heater to be used close to the structure ensuring your floorspace is maximized.
How long will it take to receive the heaters?

It usually takes 5 working days from receipt of payment. All shipments are sent with Fedex to your door. We provide you with confirmation and a tracking number once your order has been processed.
What approvals does Heatstrip have?

All Heatstrip heaters have UL (Underwriters Laboratory) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approvals. All heaters have individual serial numbers for tracking and quality as well. They are approved for sale and use in both Canada and USA.
Is Heatstrip available for other countries?

Heatstrip is approved for use in many other countries. Heatstrip is available in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Europe, Turkey, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Send us an email if we haven’t specified your country.
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