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About Heatstrip USA

Established since 2013 to service across North America, Canada, and Mexico



It started quite a while ago, we were having a BBQ and it started getting cold, so Paul turned on his patio heaters, because they were black and no glow, they blended into the ceiling.
We didn’t even notice them. But we soon felt the warmth and asked where we could get them. The heaters were the difference between going inside or staying outside for longer. Not too long after…

In 2013 Heatstrip USA was established to service the North American market.



The Heatstrip product started in early 2000s in Australia, built to survive the rugged landscape and environment, Heatstrip over the course of the years has been continuously refined and improved.

Today Heatstrip has been installed in many businesses and luxury homes. In the late 2000s, Heatstrip was taken to Europe where it continues to flourish. Heatstrip USA was established in 2013 to service the North American market. Where we continue to grow and service the market for premium patio heating.



There are many men and women who ensure that we have the freedom to enjoy life as we do. To all of you, thank you for your service. To discuss how we support veterans and current service personnel, please call us on 1-877-222-0063

We don’t sell everything – just the best. To support this we offer:

  • • Free Specifying Service
    Please send Heatstrip details of your project: sizes, roof height, plans. info@heatstripusa.com
  • • Free Quote
    To receive a free quote, call or email us, 1-877-222-0063 or info@heatstripusa.com
  • • Stock
    Heatstrip USA has all it’s heaters, mounting accessories and controllers in stock in our warehouse in Chicago.
  • • Delivery
    We ship next business day with Fedex. Continental USA is usually 3 business days. International shipment, Mexico and Canada are a little longer.
  • • Technical Support
    We have our own in-house engineering expertise, who write our own manuals to suit the heaters and tailoring the information to the local market.
  • • After Sales Service
    Our service continues after the sale, with technical advice and full warranty terms included. We even talk to your electrician or building contractor to ensure your heaters are installed correctly.
  • • Heatstrip Warranty
    Buy with confidence as all products are covered by a 2 year warranty.


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